KAMAY Online Art Exhibit- SOLD OUT

“Hands are meaningful…it tells a lot of stories…” in the words of artist, Eloy Muñoz, this is how, “Kamay,” the central theme of his art exhibit at ArtPhOnline came about. Each handline and wrinkle is important because our hands serve as a mirror to all our hard work.  “My inspiration for these artworks was to express the meaning of our hands,” he adds, and this is clearly seen and felt in each of the artworks made by the young Pampangueno artist using charcoal, his preferred medium.


The hand is a favorite subject for Muñoz who is known for the realism of his artworks. The self-taught artist blazed through the art scene a few years ago when he participated in a group art exhibit in 2018. Since then he has participated in several more group art exhibits.


As a child, Muñoz loved to draw and once at a trip to the mall with his mother, he saw someone painting, he said to himself that one day he will be like him, an artist. Though he considers painting as a hobby, Muñoz says that he paints and draws because it is his ultimate passion. He acted on this passion six years ago just by watching painting tutorials online, then he would practice every day. This daily dedication to his craft has helped him to hone his talents and become the artist that he is today.


Today, the young father reveals that his artworks are inspired by his 1-year old son, Dwayne. Through his art, Muñoz wants to be an inspiration to others to go beyond their comfort zones and to try and explore new things. When asked about what he is working on next, Muñoz says, “still working on hands.” “Kamay” on ArtPhOnline is his first solo art exhibit.


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