Panata Online Exhibit 2021

Almost two decades in the making, the PANATA Online Exhibit features the artworks of Julius Babao featuring the Image of Christ. A devout Catholic, Julius began this “panata”or religious vow in 2003 as a way of thanksgiving for blessings received in the past year.

Naturally drawn to the image of Christ, Julius realized his creative talents as a young boy when he would buy crucifixes and practice drawing them at home. In grade 6 he even made a an entire comic book based on the new testament. So, religious themes are not new for Julius.

As an adult, Julius would only paint or draw on occasion. Realizing that he was not making use of his God-given talent and skills in painting and drawing, Julius decided to make a painting every year.

So, for seventeen years, armed with his strong faith and a blank canvas, Julius Babao paints an image of Jesus Christ every afternoon of Good Friday during Holy Week. The three-hour painting session, produces a different look or image every time, drawing inspiration from the passion of Christ on the cross.

The featured artworks for this online exhibit are not for sale and are for exhibition purposes only.


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