Lost: The Missing Paintings ArtPh Exhibit at The Shang

In a captivating display of imagination and artistic prowess, ArtPh presents "Lost: The Missing Paintings Exhibit", a thought-provoking collection that brings to life the mysteries of missing artworks through the lenses of three talented Filipino artists: Neill Christian Simon Onza, Sonny Tolentino, Jarren Dahan and Nestor Abayon, Jr..

In partnership with Shangri-La Plaza and Styled Pop-Up Store, “Lost” will be unveiled at the East Atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City from August 14 to 20, 2023, this exhibit promises to take visitors on a journey of discovery that blurs the lines between the lost and the found. The exhibit is open to the public and can be viewed during mall hours.

In a world where history is marred with the disappearance of countless masterpieces, Neill Onza's latest series of artworks mesmerizes with a daring concept. Onza delves into the realm of the unknown, resurrecting the enigmatic lost paintings in his signature style. Each stroke of his brush brings to life these elusive creations, inviting viewers to ponder the stories behind their disappearance and to imagine what would happen if they were suddenly discovered today. Through his art, Onza breathes life into the art of the past, giving it a new, vibrant existence.

Unwrapping the World's Masterpieces: The Art of Neill Christian Onza

The central theme of Onza's artworks revolves around the stolen and missing paintings from renowned artists worldwide. This unique concept is driven by his desire to shed light on the elusive fate of these masterpieces. By presenting them as "still wrapped," Onza's art delves into the enigmatic and often overlooked realm of art theft, drawing attention to the unresolved mysteries surrounding these priceless creations.

In a breathtaking display of creativity and intrigue, artist Neill Christian Onza unveils a captivating collection of artworks featured in the LOST ArtPh exhibit. Stepping into the realm of stolen and missing paintings from notable international artists, Onza's masterpieces serve as a thought-provoking answer to the lingering question: "Where did they put these stolen and missing paintings?"

The idea for this distinctive theme was born out of Onza's passion for granting people a glimpse of the unattainable.

Drawing inspiration from notable artists worldwide, he saw an opportunity to bring their masterpieces closer to the public.

By creating replicas of the missing works and presenting them wrapped, he offers a novel perspective on these celebrated pieces, inviting viewers to imagine the unseen.

Onza not only captivates the audience but also pays homage to the great artists who inspired his own journey into the world of art. Unveiling the Enigma Each of Onza's featured artworks showcases subjects borrowed from the works of history's greatest artists.

These carefully crafted replicas are masterfully wrapped, giving the illusion of paintings that are concealed from the world. 

Onza employs various wrapping materials, adding an element of surprise and diversity to his collection.

Continuing the exhibition's allure, Sonny Tolentino's works unveil a different facet of artistic expression, focusing on the profound relationship between women and books. Tolentino's pieces exude an aura of elegance and intellectual curiosity, as he artfully captures women engrossed in the world of literature. With a masterful combination of colors, textures, and symbolism, Tolentino's paintings celebrate the power of knowledge and the beauty of the written word, encouraging viewers to seek wisdom and solace within the pages of a book.

Lost in the Pages: A Journey Through Featured Artworks

Alices in Wonderland
This piece beckons viewers to embrace the wonderland that unfolds within the pages of a book. Each tome is a gateway to a new world, and every reader becomes an intrepid explorer, wandering through memories and tales that leave them delightfully lost in the magic of literature.

Lazy Afternoon Immersed in the carefreeness of a lazy afternoon, this artwork captures the bliss of being lost in a book or thoughts, oblivious to the world beyond the room's confines. It evokes the joy of losing oneself in the embrace of a captivating read.

Stories We Share
A heartwarming depiction of a woman sharing her book-of-the-moment with a friend, this artwork illustrates the universal truth that people naturally desire to share the things they love with those they hold dear.

The Coming Storm
Portraying the emotional anticipation of an impending storm, this work showcases the poetry found in nature's atmospheric changes. It embodies the beauty that readers deeply appreciate, effortlessly getting lost in the profound emotions these natural phenomena evoke.

Friendship of the Forever Kind
 This painting celebrates the friendship forged through a shared love of books. The intertwining hands symbolize the genuine and gentle nature of their bond that readers cherish, finding comfort and solace in the stories they share - a friendship that one is blessed to get lost in.

Tolentino skillfully conveys the profound yearning for human connection amidst moments of solitude. The essence of "Conversations" lies in the intrinsic desire for companionship, not limited to traditional interpersonal interactions, but extending to the realm of literature and ideas.

     With the enchanting portrayal of the woman's focused attention on the book, Tolentino suggests that in the embrace of literature, one can find a profound source of companionship and solace. The blue dress symbolizes the serenity and depth of emotions, echoing the tranquility of solitary moments yet hinting at the vast ocean of thoughts and emotions within.

     "Conversations" beckons viewers to reflect on the multitude of ways one seeks and finds connection, urging contemplation on the rich tapestry of conversations that extend beyond mere words exchanged between individuals. It evokes a poignant realization that companionship can manifest through the immersive act of reading, where one can engage in a profound exchange of ideas, emotions, and experiences with the words on the pages.

Adding an extraordinary touch to the exhibit is hyperrealist artist Jarren Dahan. Dahan's captivating works breathe life into everyday farm life individuals, transforming ordinary encounters into extraordinary experiences. His subjects, the people we encounter in our daily lives, leap from the canvas with startling realism, creating an uncanny sense of familiarity. Dahan's attention to detail and technical precision creates an intimate connection between the viewer and his art, making each encounter an immersive experience.

A Bountiful Journey Through Each Artwork

"Habang May Buhay" In the enigmatic piece "Habang May Buhay," Dahan ventures beyond conventional imagery, utilizing leaves as the subject. Through this work, he reminds us of life's transient nature and encourages us to persevere, never losing hope, as life is a precious gift that must be cherished.

"Maagang Namulat"
In this striking artwork, Dahan depicts a young child who has become aware of the harsh realities of life as a farmer at a tender age. The innocence and maturity captured in this piece leave a lasting impression on viewers, prompting them to reflect on the struggles faced by many young farmers.

"The Good Harvest" Among his featured artworks in the LOST ArtPh exhibit, "The Good Harvest" stands out as an exquisite portrait of the artist's mother holding her two bundles of string beans she harvested. The hyper realistic detailing brings forth the emotions of pride and accomplishment, showcasing the beauty of a successful day's labor.

"Munting Ngiti" presents hope in its purest form—a farmer's face brimming with optimism despite exhaustion from a day's toil. This artwork serves as a reminder of the strength that emerges from resilience and the importance of finding joy in the smallest moments.

Nestor Abayon, Jr. captures childhood nostalgia in hyper-realistic artworks featuring a child, teddy bears and stuffed toys. Impeccable attention to detail brings soft fur and delicate stitching to life, blurring the line between art and reality. Skillful use of light and shadow creates warmth and wonder, transporting viewers to cherished memories. Abayon's art is a delightful exploration of the timeless charm of these beloved companions.

Out Of The Shadow

This theme is inspired by the continuous lack of electricity supply in Nestor's province, symbolizing the darkness they live in.

In Broken Dreams, the artist likens himself to the child who is lying under the light. It captures a poignant close-up of a young child gazing upward in the night's obscurity. The artwork reflects the child's contemplation of future possibilities, pondering whether the ensuing evening will offer darkness or illuminate a realm for joyful play.

Abayon's artworks depict stuffed toys played with in the dark, reflecting the artist's own childhood experiences without light.

The inspiration behind the Out of the Shadow theme comes from Abayon observing people who persistently face challenges, much like those who grope in the dark but who keep getting back up.

"Lost: The Missing Paintings Exhibit" transcends the boundaries of traditional art exhibitions by engaging visitors on multiple levels. It prompts reflection on the unseen, invites contemplation of the importance of knowledge and literature, and celebrates the beauty of ordinary lives through hyperrealism. Art enthusiasts and casual observers alike will find themselves drawn into this unique fusion of talent and concept, making it a must-see for all.

As visitors wander through the East Atrium of The Shang, they will not only marvel at the technical brilliance of the artists but also immerse themselves in a captivating narrative that transcends time and space. "Lost: The Missing Paintings Exhibit" is a testament to the enduring power of art to intrigue, inspire, and connect us to the vast expanse of human creativity and imagination.

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