About Us

ArtPh aims to make artworks of our Filipino artists accessible to more Filipinos and the rest of the world online. Through the artphonline.com site, ArtPh not just advocates the appreciation of art, it also gives much needed support for our many artists.

Through ArtPh, artists will have a regular venue to display their artworks which they have painstakingly created. These may be archival works that have long been in storage or even new works. Art collectors may also choose to resell pieces in their collection through Art Ph.

ArtPh is also an educational site where one can learn the basics of art collecting. Art enthusiasts gain access to creations of not just prominent Filipino artists but up and coming lesser known artists as well. In this way, ArtPh is able to help artists find a wider audience to showcase their artworks.

One of the primary commitments of ArtPh is its advocacy in giving back to the community-at-large through art. Whether through direct sales or auctions, ArtPh will have chosen beneficiaries that will benefit from each artwork sold. Artists may also choose their beneficiary organization from the sale of their artwork. 


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